About Bluemix Co-working

Every company requires an easy to work and supportive environment to work and to gain a growth in their business. Bluemix coworking has been started with an aim to provide plug and play environment to startups and freelancers or call them as upcoming entrepreneurs of India. 

Bluemix coworking community is full of young and dynamic leaders who are confident towards achieving their goal. Regardless of your industry type or size at bluemix coworking you can consider a place to collaborate with other businesses to expand your organisation.

Our coworking spaces are built beautifully, stunning and vibrant space with added amenities. Our affordable and flexible coworking space includes private space, virtual space, hot desk, custom workspace, flexible workspace and reserved workspace.

Our Services

Hot Desk

Find a desk that is available, plugin and start working. Bluemix coworking offers great flexible lease term plans with all inclusive amenities at an affordable price. 

Choosing bluemix coworking has a great advantage. You will have a great place to work and meet potential clients to grow your business.

Flexible workspace

Not every company is the same, some may have clients from different regions of the world and you have to work in different timings.  Bluemix coworking plans and our interiors are designed to meet your requirements.

Choose the timing which you want to work, select the space that fits your team and grow your business with our coworking environment by meeting other potential clients. Also you get to enjoy all the amenities at the affordable price.

Reserved Workspace

Our reserved spaces are designed for those who want to make a desk as their own personal desk in the shared office space for more focused work and yet who want to take their business to the next step by collaborating with others.

A reserved desk comes equipped with a separate cupboard, locker and all the amenities you get to enjoy like the Internet, AC, meeting room, etc.

Reserved desk are ideal for the freelancer, entrepreneur and a small team anyone who doest want their place to be untouched

Virtual Office space

Bluemix Virtual office is ideal for someone who is working from home or for a company located in other areas and in need of an office address in chennai.
Availing bluemix coworking virtual office you will get:

Custom Workspace

Every company has their own requirement which reflects their own culture, whether you are looking to customize the floor or number of desks that fits your team. Tell us what you need, we will help you build it.

Your customized office space will let you and your team keep your privacy from the rest of the shared space and at the same time will give you an opportunity to connect with other professionals to grow your business.

Apart from this you will also get access to our amenities and benefits at an affordable price.

Private Space

Privacy is a crucial part to an organisation regardless of its size, at blumix coworking choosing a private office gives you a ready to move in private workstation for your team. 

Our private space includes high speed internet, AC, power backup, receptionist, etc. We also give you the other amenities so you can concentrate on developing and growing your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Our flexible month-to-month commitment provides you with the stability of an office along with the flexibility you need to grow your business.
For the exception of some of our dedicated space plans, all other pricing plans only require a month to month commitment.

Members are required to give a notice of a Month, and we require it at the beginning of the month that they want to move out in. In case you are moving out at the end of July, then SproutBox requires you to  give the notice at the Start of July.

Yes, as a bluemix Coworker member, you can work from all our locations.There is no additional fee for this. In case you want to drop in to our location it is always great to have the community manager from your home location send us an email. If you did not do that, don’t worry – just walk in and our Community Managers will help you find a seat as per the availability on that given day.

All our Locations have Pantries that are fitted with Vending Machines to Dispense Tea and Coffee, some of the Locations also offer Soup and Lemon Tea, all these beverages our free. Some of our Locations have Paid Cafeteria services, as well as Paid Vending machines in Addition – if you buy something in these areas, they are chargeable separately and need to be settled directly.

Bluemix is backed by an Information Technology Services Company and we are proud to have one of the Finest Network Deployments amongst CoWorking Spaces. Our Network is designed to give you a speed of upto 100 megabits per second without any restrictions on data transfer. In case you require higher speeds, dedicated IP addresses or a specific provider, talk to our Community Managers, and they will align with our IT team to help you get this done.

No, All prices mentioned on the website and or quoted by our sales team, or any team member needs government taxes and levies to be paid separately. Currently in India, the Government Levy is Goods & Service Tax (GST) charged at 18%

Yes it is possible, while there maybe charges involved

Each of our Plan includes Conference Room usage hours. You are more than welcome to invite your Friends, Colleagues for a Meeting in the Conference Room as long as you do not over use your hours.. Bluemix also offers Meeting Areas / Breakout Areas and other Lounging Areas across the Facility where you can invite your friends, and meet them without worrying.

In case your friend or colleague wants to work from Bluemix, please speak to our community manager for a Day Pass.

Bluemix being backed by an Information technology company (System3) provides us with resources and on-site tech support personnel. They can help you remove viruses from your computer, or answer any question you may have related to technology. In case you are looking at building an App and or Discussing Database strategies, some of our team leaders are also available for a consult. Our Tech Support Team can also help you with Upgrades, Purchases and any other Information Technology needs you may have. While Support comes included in your services, other things maybe charged separately.

No, we allow a maximum of only 20 Hours Per Month for Booking in a Conference room, in addition to the number of hours allotted to you. This is to be in fairness to other CoWorkers, and no one using the Conference Room as a Private Office